So the kids are on break. The family is back from that planned vacation, and kids, being kids, have started running about and making a mess. How do you calm them down and get them excited at the same time? Or you are simply someone who fancies themselves as the next Stephen Hawking, Archimedes or Isaac Newton and loves seeing science in action?

No matter your motivation, here are two DIY science practical you can do at home.

Science Practical 1

Standing on Eggs

Wait, what? Walking on eggs? Yes, not boiled eggs but raw eggs. Does not the saying ‘walking on egg shells’ imply that one should step lightly and carefully?  How is it even possible to do this? Well, despite their seeming fragile nature, eggs have a surprising strength. This strength is derived from their shape. Due to its’ curved shape, pressure applied on an egg spreads about it and is not concentrated at a point. However, this is only effective when subjected to even forces. That is why it breaks when hit at a point.

So how do you carry out the experiment?

Here are the things you need.

  • 2 or more cartons of eggs
  • Plastic Trash bag

Inspect the eggs to make sure there are no cracked, broken or damaged eggs.

Place them in the crate facing the same direction, meaning all pointy ends should face up, or all round ends face up. This ensures a level surface for you to step on.

The next step, pun intended, is to slowly step on the first crate of eggs. Ensure that you climb this crate in such a way that your weight is distributed evenly across the eggs.

Place your other foot on the second crate of eggs while ensuring that you shift all your weight to the foot on the crate.

And Magic! You are standing on egss! How cool is that?.

Let’s move to the next practical that involves building your own rocket.

Science practical 2

Soda and Menthos powered skateboard rocket

You know the excitement and dread you feel after shaking a bottle of soda vigorously and you have to open it in public? Well, transfer that excitement into the rocket!

What do you need for this?

  • Bottle of Soda
  • Skateboard
  • Duct Tape
  • Menthos mints
  • Paper shaped like a cone


Tape the bottle of soda to the skateboard.

Hold the system vertically and open the Menthos mints. Using the paper funnel, and drop the mints into the bottle.

The mints have to go in at the same time, if not the fast reaction might blow up in your face an you have a sweet, yummy accident. Once the mints are in, drop the board immediately and watch your rocket go!


Science is so much fun, and DIY practical at home are much more fun. There are other safe science practical you can do at home too that are as much fun as these in the article. So get busy, make your research and have a blast with science!


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