It’s Saturday night and your friends come over to watch the big game in your living room. The ambience is just right, the food is finally ready and from the initial minutes, it seems your team is well on the way to victory; everything is perfect, that is, until a few of your brethren don’t have room to place their game chow on.

This is where things get a little embarrassing as you frantically search for a table of some sorts, while trying to maintain eye contact with the television, eventually leaving the room and returning some twenty minutes later; lugging some old wooden chair your grandmother used to sew on. I know, the struggle of being a good host is real and far too hard if you aren’t prepared for any circumstances. That is the purpose of this article, to educate you on how to make your own nifty stools, therefore putting you one step closer to becoming the ultimate game day host.

Of course, the initial question that comes to mind here is, “why don’t I just buy a stool?”. That’s a good question and if you have the money and the time then well, be my guest. But for the rest of us who simply love building things for the sake of building and all the DIY pride it gives us then, this is the perfect article for you!

First things first, you’ll need a saw, an electric drill, some bolts and nuts, thin pieces of wood (preferably plywood) and some nylon rope to hold the wood together – all easy tools to find in your home inventory no doubt.

  1. CUT, CUT, CUT:

With your saw, cut deep into the plywood. The idea is to cut your chunk of wood into three equal, baby chunks of wood. If it is a one-inch square plywood, cut it into three twenty-four-inch pieces and voila, you’ve created the legs.


Once you’ve cut your wood into three equal parts, your next move is to measure half of each leg and drill a hole in the middle of two of them and one inch above in the final leg. After this is done, cast your sights to the top of your wood and measure ¾ inches from there then drill another hole. Repeat this for the remaining two.


The next step is to align the three middle holes, match legs A, B and C almost like you’re forming a three-pronged letter “X” and insert two bolts into the aligned holes. Make sure to add nuts to tighten them.


Now this is the fun part, cut out an equilateral triangle from durable fabric i.e. canvas. Fold all the edges and sew down the folded parts with strong thread, resulting in three sleeves. Spread out each leg to form the tripod then thread a nylon through all the holes, included the folded fabric. Cut off any excess nylon and tie off the ends.

There you have it, a definitive how-to guide on making the perfect portable stools. Now go out there and be the host of your dreams.


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