How To Make Garden Beds

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Do you have a space laying free in your house? You are thinking of what to do with the free space? A garden is a good option, there is also a possibility that you have decided to have a garden and the next thing you need to know is How To Make Garden Beds.

You also may be thinking about what to plant on the garden, there are a couple of things you could decide to plant in your garden. Depending on if you wish to make gardening a hobby or you wish to make some money off your hard work putting the garden together and nurturing the plants on it. You may decide to plant edible vegetable depending on the type of garden you are setting up and the size of the garden.

Type of Gardens

Gardens are categorized by various factors which include the origin, historical empire and religion according to Wikipedia. You can learn more about types of gardens here.
Tools needed to make a garden.

1. Forks and Spades

They are basically of two types: metal shafts are stronger than wood, and may be plastic-covered while Border spades and forks have slightly smaller heads, making them easy to handle and useful for light work.

2. Rake

A rake is used to level the soil or to clear the ground. Clear out leaves and thatch using a spring-tined rake.

3. Dutch Hoe

If you are planning on using a large area of land then the Dutch hoe can come in handy. It is armed with a long handle which can help reduce back aches which arises as a result of weeding.

4. Garden Hose

Other tools needed are: wheel barrow, shear, pruning saw, hand thrower, mower, pruner, loopers, Edgar.
One other thing you need to know is if your soil is good for the kind of plants you want to grow. You can enhance the soil by using inorganic fertilizers available around the home like foul dung.

How to build a garden – step by step

1. Lay sleepers out on the area where you want to build your garden bed. Measure the distance between each sleeper to make sure they are square.

2. Use a circular saw to cut each sleeper into the desired size after measuring.
3. Join each ends of the sleeper together to form a ‘U’ shape. Use a temporary screw to hold the sleeper together.

4. Plan out the look of your garden.
5. Repeat the second step for all four angles until you have a rectangle and dig out the soil within that area to the desired depth.

Fill the area with desired soil until about 50mm of the soil is above ground level. Your garden should look like the image below.

Building a garden bed gives you the freedom to grow the flowers, trees, fruit, vegetables and herbs you desire in your own backyard with the best soil possible. The article above shows you the tools and equipment you need to build one yourself.

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