Do you know a tyre that’s homeless? See them every day to and from work? Ever wondered what you can do with an old tyre when your garden has no character?

If your garden is looking pretty bland and empty, if you fancy a new project for the outside area of your humble abode, or if you need some good ideas for festival DIY objects for people to sit on then look no further.

This article breaks down the steps you need to take to add some character to your garden in the form of DIY giant mushrooms. Recycling and upholstering random objects by turning them into useful everyday appliances as well as garden decor is becoming increasingly popular.

Upholstery is a craft or art of padding surfaces to make them more comfortable, pleasing or decorative and functional. People are slowly beginning to realise that they can – with a bit of elbow grease- do the same if not a better job of spicing up their already old furniture or items of decor in the house. Maybe a catalyst to this initiative stems from the effect the recession has had on most people in the UK. However we believe everyone has a creative side, they just haven’t expressed it yet.

Here is what you will need

  1. Stapler
  2. Drill
  3. Scissors
  4. Mushroom paper
  5. Tyre
  6. Scrap circular wood
  7. Cushion
  8. Tree trunk
  9. Adhesive glue



First attach the circular piece of wood to the tire with a drill. Try to put over 6 screws in, preferably 8.

Secondly, screw the tree stump into the circular wood by screwing through the middle of the circular wood

Thirdly, glue the cushion to the top of the structure, for best shape foam is perfect.

Place the structure upside down with mushroom paper underneath whilst fastening the paper to the tire with a staple gun.

After those steps is should look great, as soon as you turn it the right way up of course.





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