No one likes a leaking roof but after a few years in a home, it is one of the necessary evils that we have to deal with it and in this blog post, we will be taking you through the easy ways to fix a leaking roof without getting the help of a handyman.

1. PATCHING A ROOF: Patching the roof is the quickest way we can fix our licking roof, a few materials are needed to help us do just that, e.g., a primer and patching system, brush, scissors, roof roller.Small holes on our roof can be patched with a primer and patching system, techniques may differ, but I’m going to proffer you with the easiest method yet.

I. First, begin by dusting off every loose material from the damaged area. Apply primer to the area, and then overlap it onto the undamaged part of the roof.

ii. It is advised to allow the primer dry. Cut any adhesive material to cover up the hole; then you can overlap onto the sound roof.

iii. We are almost there, now apply the patch to the primed area, smoothen with your hands and with your roller to ensure it laps properly.

That was easy right? Now let’s move on.

2. REPAIRING ASPHALT SHINGLES: Asphalt shingles are one of the most durable roofs to have in your homes. If treated properly it could last for 15-20 years; if you have a broken shingle, rain could penetrate through the nails and cause damage to your home.

Now you need not worry, fixing it is quite simple too, like patching a roof you would need some materials and tools like Asphalt Shingle, prybar, hammer, roofing nails and roofing adhesives.
i. Firstly, we begin by pulling up the damaged shingle, pull the nails out and taking away the damaged shingle entirely.

ii. Now use a prybar to lift it above the damaged area.
iii. Cut a shingle to the length of the damaged area and slide it into position

iv. Use good roofing nails to fasten the shingle.
v. Finally, apply adhesives and press to ensure it is tight enough.

3. FIXING OTHER SYSTEMS: Laminating shingles are a far more stronger roofing than it asphalt cousin, this particular roofing can last up-to 30years if it’s properly taken care of. Although, this can be damaged by either warping or shrinking and require the same method of fix as the asphalt.

Our roofs is very important accessories in our buildings. Taking good care of them is my foremost advice, like they say prevention is better than cure, but if scenarios arise that demand we fix them, we hope this steps help you in properly achieving your desired result.

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