Valentines’ season is definitely around the corner. If you’re looking for classy, yet simple ideas to decorate your room in the season of love, we’ve got you covered. Here are some easy decorating ideas to leave your room looking like it’s cupids nest.


Heart Backdrop

If you want your partner to be taken away by your room décor, then this elegant heart is a must-have. You’ll make a good impact by doing this, and better still, it is extremely easy to make and you’ll need just a few items.

First of all, you’ll need wood poles, chicken wire, nail gun and red paper napkins.Directions

  • Then you’ll start with the wood poles and cut them to size. Nail them together to create a desired frame.
  • Secure it in place with a staple gun.
  • Take a colored napkin (preferably red), open them up and shape it into V-shape.
  • Tuck the point right into the chicken wire so it’ll be secure
  • Create the shape outline and add as many napkins as you want to add.
  • You’re finished! You have the perfect heart backdrop.


Heart Branch Tree

If you want to make a natural valentines fat day décor, then a heart branch tree is an amazing choice for you.



  • Get a couple of twigs from your backyard and spray paint them with any colour of your choice.
  • You’ll need additional items like spray paint, pitcher or base, tree branches, clip-on birds, pink and red bakers twine and of course, glittered scrapbooks.
  • Cut your branches to similar heights and lay them on a newspaper to spray paint them.
  • Clip the birds on the branches in a scanty manner
  • Make the hearts and the hooks by knotting with a hoop
  • Finally, evenly hand the hearts on the branches.
  • Voila! Your heart tree is done.


Sweater Heart  Pillow

If you’re in the habit of throwing away your old sweaters, you might want to have a re-think. This pillow looks a tad bit difficult to make, but guess what? It takes less than fifteen minutes to make.



  • For this, you’ll need a sweater, sewing machine, fiberfill, needle and thread. You can grab a sweater from the thrift store if you have no old sweater.
  • First, you need to cut the heart out so you’ll use it as a stencil.
  • After, turn the sweater inside out and trace out the heart.
  • Let the sweater lie flat so the bottoms will match up
  • Pin up the edges and see it. Leave space for the stuffing
  • Keep stuffing till the pillow is firm
  • Stitch up the hole using needle and thread.
  • Easy breezy! Your heart pillow is ready!



Blooming Monograms

For this monograms, any colour can be used. It doesn’t have to be the conventional red and white. Mix and match different flower colours for an elegant finish.




  • You’ll need scissors, fake multicolored flowers, hot glue gun, glue sticks, white spray paint, paper mache letter and a
  • To get started, use the knife to cut the top of the paper. Ensure the paper is empty by removing the cardboard filling.
  • Apply two or more coats of the spray paint on both the exterior and interior area of the cardboard. It should be left to dry for at least an hour.
  • Once it’s dry, put the flowers into the paper mache. Ensure the bottom of the flowered are completely flat.
  • Apply the glue in the bottom of the flowers
  • Press and hold it for 30 seconds and let the hot glue cool.
  • Continue the process till it’s entirely filled up with flowers.
  • Let the glue completely dry up.
  • You’re done!


With all the aforementioned ideas and directions, you need not worry about how to decorate your room during valentines season. Try it out and be sure to leave your room looking elegant!

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