DIY Tips on Treating Cold

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So you got visited by an annoying and obnoxious fellow. The cold. The discomfort that comes with common cold (the flu) is enough to drain you of your energy and leave you feeling like your brain is full of mucus. Not to mention the fact that it’s so contagious, which means no one is unsusceptible.

So what DO you do if you start feeling the cold symptoms; the congestion, the stuffy nose, aches, sore throat and fever. One may recommend taking medication. Over-the-counter drugs like Ibuprofen, Tylenol and aspirin are great for battling the flu symptoms. But you’ll agree with me when I say that sometimes the drugs just don’t work. Even more so, there are some people who may be allergic to these drugs.

If you’ve got an issue with the meds, make your own remedy! I’m going to show you some great DIY cold and flu remedies that are good at fighting the notorious influenza virus and much cheaper than the prescription drugs and OTC meds.

1) Drink a lot of fluids:

So I know this may sound very cliche, but high intake of fluids helps alleviate cold symptoms. Here’s why: Fluid breaks up nasal congestion, it moistens your throat and it keeps you hydrated. This is important because a significant amount of body fluids are lost during fever, causing the mucus to thicken and to congest your nose and throat. Drinking fluids like water, fruit juice and green tea, helps loosen the mucus so you can blow it out easily. It is better to blow out the mucus than to breathe it in!


2) Eat chicken soup:


Homemade chicken soup is a sure fire way to relieve the flu. Some people wonder what’s in the soup that makes you feel automatically warm and healthier. Well, The hot soup helps ‘unblock’ your nose, The salt and warmth of the soup soothes the throat and research actually shows that chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties.

3) The sip tactic

This is designed to tackle cough. Immediately you cough, take a small sip of liquid (must be water). Keep on sipping small amounts of liquid only after you cough, until you’re completely relieved of the symptoms.

4) Eat marshmallows

Surprising right? Marshmallows contain a substance called gelatin, that lowers inflammation in your throat and relieve soreness. If you don’t have marshmallows, try eating Jell-O.

5) Inhale vapour / steam

Steam is a very effective way to treat cold as it helps you breath properly and combats the influenza virus.

Put some steaming hot boiled water in a bucket, lean your face forward towards it and cover your face with a wide cloth so the vapours don’t escape. To avoid burns, make sure your face is at least 25cm away from the hot water. Breathe in through your nostrils but release from your mouth.

To increase the effectiveness of this technique, add some mentholated ointment or chest rub to the hot water. Do this right before bedtime for a sound sleep.

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