It’s that time of year again, where you spend all the budget on Christmas presents but no decorations so when your guests come over for a lovely big Christmas dinner and open the presents your place doesn’t look very Christmassy!


Well if you’ve had a few drinks and feeling creative, why not try and make your own Christmas ball balls.


  • white ornaments,
  • nail polish,
  • old plastic container,
  • elastic gloves,
  • lollipop stir stick,
  • nail clean remover,
  • wax paper,
  • room temp water

The Process (the decoration begins…)

Stage 1:

Fill plastic holder 3/4 full with room temperature water. I utilised a 28 oz holder. When we say room temp, I imply that. On the off chance that it’s excessively icy, the polish will sink, if it’s too warm, my polish appeared to be stickier. Another tip: Utilise another jug of nail clean. We attempted some different hues that I had on stock and old polish certainly did not function also.

Stage 2:

Begin to empty polish delicately into the water. Somewhat polish goes far. The cleaner you put in the water, the more your object gets covered.

Stage 3:

Softly blend polish on the water with your mix stick to influence a marble to look in water.

Stage 4:

Now, plunge the adornment under the water and whirl and since the Christmas object have a topper on them, you don’t really need to wear gloves for this venture. You can simply hold the topper and plunge. Be that as it may, when marbling things, similar to eggs, you should wear gloves.

Stage 5:

Dry the Christmas decorations. Lay the decorations down on wax paper to dry or make a drying rack with froth and sticks.


You can utilise any nail clean shading you need, we simply have an indigo fixation, however, its possible to likewise blend hues, which when we were finished with the blue, looks amazing. We can hardly wait to see what you folks make! Merry Christmas!

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